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Also known as the Mulga Parakeet, Many Colored Parakeets (Psephotus varius), are an ideal bird for avian beginners. These colorful Parakeet birds for sale are great for beginner avain enthusiasts as little experience is needed to care for these beautiful parrot birds and the noise level is low. The Mulga Parakeet is hardy and can be kept under varying weather conditions, but prefers a dryer climate. Most Mulga Parakeets are flexible as far as nesting facilities and if it suits them they will breed.

The name “mulga” comes from their preferred vegetation type, while their common name is derived from the male’s colorful plumage. The male’s plumage is mostly green with some colorful highlights. The upperside is a brilliant green and the lower breast is a paler green. The abdomen and thighs are yellow variably marked orange-red. The forehead is yellow and there is a distinctive red patch to the crown. Females are duller and has red patches on her shoulder. Her forehead is dull orange-yellow. The crown has a dull red patch. The median wing-coverts are dull red. Other than those highlights, her plumage is mainly olive-grey.

Breeding: These parrots reach sexual maturity when they are between 12 to 15 months old. The average clutch consists of 4 to 7 white eggs with an incubation period of 19 to 20 days. Both female and male share in the incubation duties and raising of the chicks. The young will fledge after approximately four weeks, though they will often stay with their parents much longer, usually until the next breeding season.

Size: These parrots average 27 – 28 cm or 10.8 – 11 inches in length (from beak to tip of tail). They weigh between 50 – 70g or 1.75-2.5 oz).

Vocals: They make soft and twittering contact calls that are repeated rapidly three or four times. While perching a soft, musical chattering can be heard.

Diet: Their natural diet consists of various grass and plant seeds, plants, fruits (including berries), greens and vegetables. Parakeet Seed, Australian Blend Goldenfeast.

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