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Novan’s Birds is one of the oldest and largest Exotic Bird stores in South Florida. We have one of the largest selections of birds available. With Certified Avian Specialists on staff our goal is to provide excellent service. We carry babies of all ages, breeders, rehabilitated and rescue birds. If we do not have it we can get locate it, whether it be a special type of bird, cage or supplies. Our goal is to fit the bird with the human. Our best interest is always with the bird and the human. Education of the different breeds is the most important part of being a responsible bird owner!! Having a bird is a long term commitment that requires love and care. Brenda’s Birds is open 7 days a week -365 days a year. Our selection, knowledge, customer service and reputation have been the reason we are still in business since the 80’s (the store location since ‘92). Our customers travel from all over the United States and other Countries. We will beat or match Competitors Prices, bring in a receipt and product packaging and we will Honor that price on your next purchase of that product in our store. (We will not refund money for a product not purchased in OUR store or from past purchases). Does NOT include birds …. Come on in check us out !

Novan’s Birds opened in 1992- Bob and Brenda have been breeding birds since the late 80’s. It was really a hobby that just hatched!! As for the store- that part just kind of “happened”- we had hundreds of breeding birds and so many rescue birds, we needed more room for them!! Selling some babies here and there assisted with the costs of upkeep and Avian veterinarian care. Bob, Rosemary and Brenda always keep rescued birds at home too. We have all types of special birds, some have medical issues, some have behavior issues. Some can be re-homed and some live in our homes forever! Many have only one leg like our mascot African Grey “Stubby” aka “Ilean”- he always talked to Brenda’s dogs Licorice and Roxy all day. There are also birds that are plucked, missing an eye, wing, or part of a beak. This is a business of great passion and love, you simply cannot do this business for “the money”. It requires lots of love, patience and compassion. It is hard work, it can be messy, tiresome and also rewarding.

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Our associates work very hard to keep things flowing. We are always here to help our customers or take in beloved pets that need a 2nd chance or a permanent home with us. That’s what made us — that is why we are still here 30 years later. We are not perfect- but want to provide the best care and love we can! Our goal is to fit the bird with the human. Between Bob, Rosemary, Brenda, Robert and Billy- we have over 100 years experience!! Come on in and and check out. And we are all PIJAC Certified Avian Specialists.

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Health & Safety

We carry over 100 different Parrots at a time to allow Rochester, New York pet store customers the best selection possible. Our birds are given around the clock love, attention and interaction until their new families are ready for them to come home. Exotic Pet Birds Inc. employs a large staff of animal-loving employees to keep up with the commitment we have to give the best quality of life to our pet birds. We offer competitive pricing and in-house financing with 0% interest.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are very keen on preventing cases where pet parrots are handed up to shelters due to behavioral problems and incompatibility. We also have an internal Certified Avian Veterinarian who ensures and assures the health of the birds. We all feel very sad to encounter a pet parrot who has been degraded to feather plucking and we are committed to preventing such situations. We are always on hand to provide advice, tips, and support before, during, and after the purchase of any bird from us.

100% Guaranteed

We guarantee a minimum standard of good behavior to be expected of birds bred and nurtured by us. We have dedicated departments for weaning, taming, training, socialization, and evaluation of the birds. We follow a standardized procedure of raising and preparing baby birds for their new homes, which is flexible enough to adapt to the varying natures of the birds. Birds purchased from us are guaranteed to be healthy, hand tamed, weaned and socialized! We specialize in the breeding, training, and taming of different types of parrots. These would be Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon, Electus, and African Grey parrots.


Dignity at Work Policy

We are a bird store that specializes in all your wild and pet bird needs! Whether you are looking for wild bird seed or food for your pet bird we carry it. Founded in 1999 and going strong!!

We ship US-wide! ​We carry the largest selection of raw grains available to the public. With over 50 years of experience in both wild & domestic birds, avian behavior, and avian biology. We are the largest distributor/supplier of RoudyBush, the highest level of nutrition for captive birds.

We love all types of parrots, and our experience and scope of access have led us to specialize in these different types in order to provide each of our birds with the attention required to attain complete nurturing, development, taming, training, and socialization. This goes a long way to preparing the baby parrots for their new homes. Also, our executive staff is highly and reliably experienced in these different types of parrots.

Mega Bird Store only sells weaned birds. In the last twenty years we have developed a very strong knowledge of macaw parrot for sale and birds for sale, as both a hobbyist and bird companion. Our knowledge, proficiency, and love of our african grey for sale are unique and inspired us to take over the complete operations, including breeding of all exotic birds for sale.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Our Birds for sale diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, Uccello seed, and breeder pellets. We start with the most vital nutrition early in the day, then we give our birds treats later in the day. We choose our breeders, by picking the biggest, and most colorful, as our Talking birds for sale,Macaw bird for sale,Cockatoo for sale,Blue and yellow macaw, We have all the pet bird breeds.

We provide our customers with a fun place to shop, where you will find a great selection of pet products at competitive prices and friendly, helpful staff to take care of you. We hope you enjoy our website, and that you visit often.

Considering our broad knowledge and experience with birds, we are one of your best resources, to get the right knowledge, and expert service, that you are hoping for. Our pet birds for sale online are fed by hand, from the very first day they are born.

We are experts with a large variety of species including Cheap macaws for sale, African grey for sale, Cockatoo for sale, Galah for sale, Red and green macaw, Blue macaw sale, Talking parrots for sale near me. White cockatoo,Congo african grey,Amazon Parrot For Sale, Caique Parrot For Sale.Now get the best quality pet parrot ,buy parrot online.

Enjoy our website and please let us know if we can be of assistance!

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