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Novan's bird shop offers a wide range of live pet birds: parakeets, parrots, amazons, canaries, cockatoos, cockatiels, conures, finches, lovebirds, macaws and more. Check your local store availability. 30 Days Money Back Shop Now icon icon Fast Shipping
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Browse wide range of Cockatoos Parrots for Sale including Baby Citron Crested Cockatoo, Baby Moluccan Cockatoo, and more. 30 Days Money Back Shop now icon icon Fast Shipping
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Rainbow Lorikeets make excellent pets for those who are committed to providing excellent quality care of their pets. Buy Rainbow Lorikeets For Sale. Affordable prices Shop now icon icon Global Shipping

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Who we are?

Novan Birds is one of the oldest and largest Exotic Bird stores in South Florida. We have one of the largest selections of birds available. With Certified Avian Specialists on staff our goal is to provide excellent service. We carry babies of all ages, breeders, rehabilitated and rescue birds. If we do not have it we can get locate it, whether it be a special type of bird, cage or supplies. Our goal is to fit the bird with the human. Our best interest is always with the bird and the human. Education of the different breeds is the most important part of being a responsible bird owner!! Having a bird is a long term commitment that requires love and care. Brenda’s Birds is open 7 days a week -365 days a year. Buy Exotic Birds Online

Why pick Novan Bird’s Shop?

Our selection, knowledge, customer service and reputation have been the reason we are still in business since the 80’s (the store location since ‘92). Our customers travel from all over the United States and other Countries. We will beat or match Competitors Prices, bring in a receipt and product packaging and we will Honor that price on your next purchase of that product in our store. bills


We carry over 100 different Parrots at a time at Novan’s pet store for customers  best selection possible. Our birds are given around the clock love, attention and interaction until their new families are ready for them to come home. Novan Bird’s Shop employs a large staff of animal-loving employees to keep up with the commitment we have to give the best quality of life to our pet birds. Buy Exotic Birds Online, ssd,

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What People Are Saying!

amazing. but my delivery was abit delayed but i received my bird in the evening .thanks Novan birds
Fiona Ty
Rated 5 out of 5
Beautiful and legit . i place my order and they deliver right to my door steps with prime shipment.
Maggie Timms
Rated 5 out of 5
awesome . delivery is fast and never expected this beautiful process. Thank my inlaw for recommendation
Robert Liang
Rated 5 out of 5

Novan Bird's For Sale

We have a wide variety of birds for sale at our store. We have the healthiest, well-socialized. Hand-fed baby birds are raised in a loving environment by our knowledgeable, well-trained staff. Let us help you select the best cage and accessories for your bird.

We breed, hand feed, and hand tame a variety of exotic birds, including African Greys for SaleAmazons for SaleCockatiels for SaleCockatoos for SaleConures for Sale, Eclectus Parrots for SaleMacaws for SaleParakeets for SaleQuaker Parrot for SaleCaiques for SaleParrots Fertile Eggs

We’re best known for our healthy, sweet, and socialized birds. We are focused on providing excellent pets with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our birds are raised in our home like family. They’re all extraordinarily friendly, sociable, and affectionate pets. Each baby is also DISEASE TESTED.

Every bird is hand raised at our facility. Our nursery has large glass windows, where you can view the babies being fed throughout the day. As our babies wean, they graduate to the Bird Show Room, where our customers meet and interact with our birds and soon select a special bird to adopt.

I have assembled a very knowledgeable and customer service-oriented staff. Each of them is a bird owner as well. It is very important to us that each customer has an idea of what they are looking for in a bird so that we can match the right bird to their new owner. buy birds with credit cards.

Please click on our Birds for sale page and see just a few of the babies that we have in store. Remember that they grow very quickly, so they won’t look like little babies for very long. The store is 4000 square feet and contains between 60 and 200 birds at any one time.
We also have over 40 birdcages on display in the store, with additional colors in stock. Buy Exotic Birds Online,

Case Studies

Buy Exotic Birds Online


Amazons are among the best talking parrots in the world. They are active, bossy and hardy birds. Many species of Amazons are moderately good talkers and whistlers while some are especially good at speaking phrases. Speech of an Amazon is clearer than that of the African Grey parrots. Among the talking Amazon species, yellow-naped Amazon happen to be the best chatterer. Buy Exotic Birds Online

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Several researchers have proved that the Congo African grey parrot to be the most superior avian species in terms of intelligence and talking ability. Although these famous birds could speak around 200 words, some researchers argue that African grey can speak 500 and even up to 1000 words with extensive training. Two of the African Greys namely, the Congo and the Timneh are the best talkers of the parrot world.

Buy Exotic Birds Online, cheap birds for sale


The best foods for your pet parrot to eat are fresh vegetables, fruit and pellets or seeds. In the wild, parrot’s diet can vary considerably and they like to eat fruit and fruit seeds, nuts, flowers, and corn where they can find it. Your domesticated parrot is no different, with her diet needing to be varied. Vitapol Economic Food for budgies is one of the most popular choices when it comes to parrot food.

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