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The Lutino Peach Faced Lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis) is a mutation of the Peach-faced Lovebird with a beautiful dominant shade of yellow feathering color on the body and a red to orange face.  Lutino Peach-faced lovebirds for sale are active, playful, and amusing. They are intelligent little birds and make a wonderful companion and friend. The Lutino mutation is a sex-linked gene. In the mutation process, melatonin is removed, allowing the pigments of yellow and red to show.

Sizeabout 6″ – 7″ in length.

Care:   A roomy cage is required as lovebirds are very active, and need the space to move about.  Lutino Peach Faced Lovebirds are social birds and need several hours of interaction time daily as well as time to fly about.  Without this interaction, daily exercise, a roomy cage or aviary, and many toys to play with it can become depressed.

Behavior: A lovebird is a very social bird with its companion, and it is generally thought to be essential for their good health and happiness that they be kept in pairs rather than singly. They can however be aggressive towards other birds in an aviary setting. This bird has a moderate but loud shriek and can be somewhat noisy for parts of the day.

Breeding: The hen will lay four to five eggs which are incubated for about 23 days. The young fledge will generally leave the nest in about 30 to 38 days but will still be dependent until about day 43.

Diet: Your pet they will enjoy a variety of seeds including our nutrias Lovebird Seed, fruits, vegetables, and commercial pellets.

DNA Testing

If there is no gender option listed for a bird on our website, that particular species is ‘monomorphic’, which means we’re unable to determine gender without purchasing DNA testing. DNA testing is an additional $149 per bird to guarantee preferred gender. DNA testing may add an additional 3-6 plus weeks to estimated delivery time to allow for gender results. See our FAQs for more info.




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Lutino peach faced lovebird for sale Lutino peach faced lovebird for sale, the Lutino Lovebird makes a great beginner bird as they are relatively hardy, easy to care for, and will readily breed. A hand-raised Lutino Lovebird is an incredibly affectionate and fun companion. As they are quite intelligent and aware, even an untamed lovebird will watch its caretaker with curiosity and readily interact. They are also very brave little birds, and like a child, much be supervised carefully when out of their cage to make sure they don’t get themselves into trouble.
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