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 Emerald-spotted Wood Doves (Turtur chalcospilos), also known as the Green-spotted Wood Doves or Damaraland Emerald-spotted Wood Dove are a small, plump pigeon found in eastern Africa from Ethiopia to South Africa. The have a pale grey-brown back, hindneck, wings and tail. When folded, the wings have green metallic patches. The tail and lower back have blackish bands and the forehead, crown and nape are bluish grey, fading to pinkish grey on the throat. It’s underparts are mauve-pink, being whiter on the belly. Emerald spotted doves have a blackish bill with a red base.

Geography:  Africa

Song / Call: Click to hear Emerald Spotted Doves

Their calls are described as a soft long coo-coo, followed by a series of slow descending coos lasting about 10 seconds, and ending with 4 seconds of rapid coos that decrease in volume.

Size / Weight:  about 8 inches in length and 0.13 pounds

Sexing:  Sexes are similar, but the female is slightly duller than the male

Temperament:  Emerald Spotted Doves perch in trees and all foraging is done on the ground for small seeds, herbs and grasses and some invertebrates (termites). They may appear shy but may form flocks at waterholes. Spotted Doves can be bold, and delightful pet birds. Single pets can learn to fly to you for food and attention. Their flight is quick and characterized by regular beats and occasional sharp flicks of the wings and they generally fly low. In flight, the chestnut markings in the underwings are visible.

Breeding:  Emerald Spotted Doves build flimsy stick nests in trees or shrubs. They lay two cream colored eggs which both sexes incubate for 13 – 17 days. The squabs are fed by both sexes and fledge in 13 to 17 days.  While they may be a good aviary companion for non-competing species, pairs can become aggressive to other doves during the breeding season. Have one individual or one pair to a flight cage.

Diet:  Dove & Quail Seed , Australian Blend Goldenfeast.

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