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Orange Pearl dove is also know as Streptopelia Risoria.

The Orange Pearl Dove has orange-brown feathers along the chest, head, and back, with a white band along the back of the neck and a white tail and flight feathers. The wing feathers are generally white with orange-brown scalloping along the edges. Dark eyes, with pink-red feet and a tan beak.

Ringneck doves are extremely common pets. Males make a melodic “cooing” sound. If a dove is a pearl mutation, the ‘pearl’ refers to the pattern on the feathers. A pearl feather has two colours, one of which presents scalloping around the edges. By contrast, a pied mutation involves having some white feathers and some pigmented feathers. The white feathers are solid white, and the pigmented colours are solidly coloured.

Care: Can be kept in cages two square feet and up

Life Span: 15 years

Breeding: about 12 years using open cup style nests

Diet: Various grains and seeds, including milo, millet, wheat, black sunflower, canary grass, safflower, cracked corn, Australian Blend Goldenfeast.

* Note: Ringneck Doves should not be confused with Homing Pigeons as they are different birds. The Ringneck Dove should not be released at ceremonial events such as weddings or funerals as they are a species that is man-made in captivity, and will not survive in the wild. It is the Homing Pigeon that is often released at ceremonial events such as weddings and can be rented for events through various service providers.

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