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The Black Cheek Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata [formerly Poephila guttata]), is a variation of the most common estrildid finch of Central Australia and ranges over most of the continent, avoiding only the cool moist south and some areas of the tropical far north. The Black Cheek Zebra finch can also be found natively in Indonesia and East Timor. This Zebra Finch has been introduced to Puerto Rico, Portugal, Brazil and the United States. Zebra finches are loud and boisterous singers.

Male Black Cheek Zebra finches for sale have black cheek patches and dark reddish-black flanking with white dots. Some individuals show more intense black pigment in the flanking, others more chestnut. The female has black cheek patches just as the male does, but often the are not quite as intense as those found in male, and many females only have half a cheek patch present.

Immediately upon fledgling the black cheek patches are noticeable in both sexes. While the sexes are not always distinguishable at fledgling, since both sexes have black cheek patches, in short order the males will develop their breast bar and flanking. Often young females will fledge with dark cheek patches only to loose that intensity as they mature.

Geography: Australia

Song / Call:  Click to hear the song of the Black Cheek Zebra Finch

Size / Weight:  4″ / 15 g

Life Span: 5-7 years

Sexing: The mature male Black Cheek Zebra finch is generally more colourful and easily distinguishable from the female.

Temperament: Zebra finches are arguably the most popular and commonly kept Australian finch species. They are free breeders, undemanding, and easy to care for, and therefore, ideal for beginners. They also come in a wide variety of appealing color mutations. Zebra Finches are perky, active, noisy, pushy, social and can be territorial, especially when breeding.

Breeding:  Zebra Finches breed easily – a larger enclosure such as a flight cage or aviary is preferred.

Diet:  Classic Finch Seed, Australian Blend Goldenfeast, Millet, Dried Egg Food, Mineral Grit, live food (mealworms), greens

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