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Smaller than the Montane White Eyes, the Northern Yellow White Eyed Finch or Yellow Eyed Finch (Zosterops senegalensis) are small passerine birds native to Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Australasia and are of the Zosteropidae family. All the species of white-eyes are sociable, forming large flocks which only separate during their breeding season.

A small yellow bird with a prominent white eye ring surrounding a dark eye, Yellow White Eyed Finches for sale make colorful additions to an aviary. The underparts and head are yellow, with a black loral stripe, black bill, the flight and tail feathers are brown edged with yellowish olive. Some subspecies are greener, especially those occurring in forest. Juveniles are darker.

Size: This bird measures about 4-5” or 11.5 cm in length and the weight varies from 6.8 to 14.1g

They build tree nests and lay 2-4 unspotted pale blue eggs. Due to similarity in gender, The Finch Farm is unable to guarantee sex without DNA testing.

Diet: Though mainly insectivorous, they eat nectar and fruits of various kinds (papaya, apples, oranges, etc.)

DNA Testing

If there is no gender option listed for a bird on our website, that particular species is ‘monomorphic’, which means we’re unable to determine gender without purchasing DNA testing. DNA testing is an additional $149 per bird to guarantee preferred gender. DNA testing may add an additional 3-6 plus weeks to estimated delivery time to allow for gender results.

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