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This darling little White Zebra Finch for sale has amazed finch enthusiasts for decades. Originating in Australia, this wonderful finch bird has become the most common household finch in the United States. These species are hardy and relatively easy to care for, so are an excellent choice for the new owner.

The zebra finch is about 4 inches in size and may reach up to five years of age in its natural environment. If they are kept caged, they normally live for 5 to 9 years but may live as long as 12 years.

White Zebra was one of the earliest mutations to occur in captivity and the mutation is from a recessive gene. True Whites have complete white plumage and no additional markings.  Whites retain the beak color, dark eye color, and orange pigmented legs.  Males have a dark red beak and females retain an orange beak. The eye color can vary from being dark brown to reddish brown. Whites with dark brown eyes are likely descendants of a Grey lineage, whereas Whites with reddish brown eyes are descendants from a Fawn lineage.

Diet: Finch seed, Australian Blend Goldenfeast

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