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The Black-capped conure (Pyrrhura rupicola), also known as the Black-capped parakeet or Rock conure, is a parrot native to the south-western Amazon Basin and adjacent east Andean slopes in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. The Black-capped conure is mostly green with a dark brown-black cap, a whitish scaly neck and breast, red wing coverts (upper, not lower – along leading edge) and a black beak. The breast feathers are dark with light tips.

Geography:  South America; Amazon, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil

Size / Weight:  9.85″  / 75 g Black Capped Conures are small conures, reaching a length of approximately 10 inches from the beak to the tips of the tailfeathers.

Lifespan: Up to 30 years

Song / Call:  Click to hear the Black-capped Conure

Sexing:  Unable to determine gender visually.

Temperament:  Black-capped conures are friendly, easy-going birds. They are highly social and very easy to train. They enjoy interacting with their owners, and they crave daily playtime and attention. A lonely Black-capped conure can become depressed and develop both medical and behavioral problems.

Breeding:  Black-capped conures flock with 20 to 30 birds, less in the breeding season in September.

Diet:  Lovebird / Conure Seed, Australian Blend Goldenfeast, Fruits, Veggies




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