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Major Mitchell’s cockatoos require a lot of socialization and interaction with owners for their emotional health. This is due to their natural tendency of forming a tightly-knit pair and you will be replicating the “flock” experience the cockatoo needs in the wild. On average, Major Mitchell’s cockatoos have a lifespan of 40 and 60 years. They can live up to 75 years in captivity when treated well, especially if they’re hand-fed as babies.
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Fischer’s lovebird for sale, Fischer’s Lovebird is a bit smaller lovebird. They have a general green plumage that is more yellowish underneath. The forehead, cheeks, and throat are orange-red and the rest of the head is a dull olive green. The neck and upper breast are a golden yellow. The tail has some yellow and black barrings and pale blue feathers on the upper part. The eye is brown surrounded by a naked white eye-ring. The beak is red and the legs are a pale gray. The young are duller especially on the head and they have black markings on the beak.
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