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Acryllium vulturinum

The most exotic and striking of all guinea fowl, this large, uniquely beautiful, and gregarious species closely resembles a vulture in that their slim neck protrudes from a long, glossy blue and white cape, or hackles. Adults are brilliantly colored with a cobalt blue chest, fancy a bare blue face with a black neck, and body plumage is black with a fine spangling of white coloring. Males and females share the same color patterns. Stunning to say the least.

Range: The dry savannas and scrublands of Eastern Africa

Status in the wild: Very common in the wild. These are of least concern by the IUCN.

Status in aviculture: These are very popular and in high demand for private aviculturists. The privately-owned population is currently increasing.

Breeding: Season can vary. They start to breed at one year of age. Clutches are typically 4-8 eggs but you can encourage multiple clutches by removing eggs to the incubator. Eggs take 24 days to hatch. These do very well in an aviary.

Temperament: Males can be aggressive at times so plan to have a large pen with cover for the hen to escape the males.

These birds can suffer frostbite easily. In areas where temperatures fall at or below freezing, a shelter should be provided, warm enough that your birds are above freezing. A thick layer of straw bedding is recommended for them to sleep on, protecting their legs and feet. They should be fed live insects of some type such as mealworms. Other than these requirements they can be raised much like any other game bird. Vulturines can be in a mixed aviary with other species of pheasants and quail.


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