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Silver Teal Ducks
Anas versicolor

The Silver Teal is also known as the Versicolor Teal. Silver Teal are elegant-looking ducks, and males and females look alike. Plumage remains the same year-round, never going into eclipse.

Silver Teal feature blue feet and legs and a bill that is blue with a yellow splash near the base. Heads are black on top and over the eyes and a cream-buff color below. They have attractive spotting and lacing over their breast and back in umber-brown highlighted with silver-blue.

Range: Silver Teal Ducks are quite widespread throughout South America. They range across the continent and wintering from Southern Brazil up to the Southern United States.

Habitat: Silver Teal usually inhabits fresh-water marshes, slow rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

Status in the Wild: The populations of Silver Teal are currently stable. This species is classified by IUCN as being of Least Concern in Conservation Status.

Status in Aviculture: Silver Teal are great birds for an aviary. They are friendly and docile in temperament and get along well with other species.

Breeding: Although Silver Teal sometimes breed in their first year, they usually do not do so until their second year. Pairs construct nests on the ground, using natural materials. Nest boxes, if placed on ground level, are sometimes used. Pairs will often form long-term bonds. Although they are usually placid in temperament, both sexes will protect their nests and their young. The breeding season is instigated by warmer weather and longer days. Clutch size is usually 6-10 creamy-pinkish colored eggs. Incubation is for about 25 days. Ducklings are hearty and strong and usually easy to raise.

Lifespan: Silver Teal can live up to 15-20 years in a captive environment.

Size: Silver Teal is about the size of a Wood Duck, usually between 17 and 19 inches in total length.

Housing Requirements: Silver Teal are hardy and easy birds to care for in captivity. They will need a water source enough for swimming and dabbling. And in areas with cold winters, they will need some protection or heat.

Diet: Silver Teal are considered dabbling ducks, and in the wild, consume aquatic plants and seeds from dabbling. In an aviary environment, Silver Teal do fine on a high-quality commercial waterfowl or game bird feed.

Miscellaneous Notes: Silver Teal are sometimes confused with Puna Teal. Puna Teal are slightly dull-colored subspecies of the Silver Teal.


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