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Aythya americana is part of the Diving Duck family native to North America.

Adult pairs are available to ship from September to February.

Range: Marshy areas and prairies of Manitoba Canada southward to the southwestern United States and Mexico.

Nesting: They desire dense natural cover or a nesting box on the ground to lay their eggs in. Many hens do not make their nests, instead, they lay their eggs in nests of other hens.

Description: Male Redhead drakes have a coppery red head and upper neck, a black breast, and lower neck. Their eggs are creamy white to brownish buff. Drakes bills are blue with a black tip. Females are a plain brown color

Status in the wild: Least concern. This bird is plentiful in the wild. There are about 1 million Redhead ducks in the wild as of 2007 in a report published by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2009.

Status in aviculture: These birds are readily available in aviculture though not the most common of species. They are easy to take care of but a challenge to get them to breed in captivity. They are winter hardy.

Clutch Size: 7-10 eggs

Temperament: They are okay in a mixed flock.

Average Mature Weight: 1.4 to 3.5 pounds

Diet: Redhead Ducks dive to eat seeds, tubers, rhizomes, water lilies, and wild rice. In captivity, they can eat duck pellet, dried dog food, normal poultry feed, and greens.


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