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Pied Cockatiels for sale are an energetic and playful cockatiel addition to your aviary.  The Pied Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) was the first cockatiel mutation to be established in 1951 in California. The Pied Cockatiel is also known as the Variegated Cockatiel, Harlequin Cockatiel, or Pied Tiel. Pied Cockatiels can be any color that occurs in a solid color cockatiel. The amount and placement of the colors vary widely from one bird to the next. The coloration of the PIed Cockatiel is a result of feather pattern change rather than a color change.

The pied affect is a striking combination of the colors in a random pattern of patches or blotches. This would be combinations of whites and greys on gray colored birds while it would be combinations of yellows and cinnamon’s on Cinnamon Cockatiels. The most spectacular birds will have a symmetry in the placement of these blotches, unfortunately that is not a predictable outcome when breeding these birds. Because of the variation of the patterning that occurs, the difference between a male and a female is almost indiscernible as well. Pied Cockatiels are not easily sexed visually which is why there is no gender option when ordering.

Song / Call: Click here for the Cockatiels Song / Call

Size: 12″ – 14″ long

Sexing: Some cockatiels are easily sexed visually while others are not. If there is not a gender option available when ordering, we are unable to guarantee gender.

Life Span: 16 – 25 Years

Temperament: Cockatiels have little crests that will be held erect when they are stimulated and excited, flattened when they are feeling angry, defensive, or submissive, and somewhere in between when they are in their normal ‘hanging out’ state. They are generally social and also can be independent at times.

Breeding: Cockatiels are generally easy to breed

Diet: High Quality Cockatiel Seed, Australian Blend Goldenfeast, Fruits, Greens, Meats, Hard Boiled or Scrambled Eggs, Peanuts, Cuttlefish Bone, Dried Egg Food

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