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The Great-billed Parrot, Tanygnathus megalorhynchos, is a glorious green with yellow and black scalloping on the wing, a bright blue rump, and a spectacular orange/red beak. They have fairly long tails, though not as long in proportion to their bodies as a macaws or conures. The males are a bit larger than the females with a much larger, almost disproportionate beak and a flat head.  Currently there are very few Great-bills in the United States. In the wild Great-bills are from many islands of Indonesia - northern, central and southern Moluccas, Tanimbar Islands, Timor, Flores and Sumba in Lesser Sunda Islands, Talaud and Sangir Islands, islands around Sulawasi, western Papaun islands and those off the coast of Vogelkop, Irian and Jaya.
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